Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. There are other IntelliJ plugins for AEM development. Why should I use IntellJ AEM?

    A number of plugins exist that are useful when developing for AEM. They are mostly of good quality and if they suit your needs, by all means go ahead and use them. However, IntelliJ AEM provides a lot of unique features that make it worthwhile to use (check out the Features section for details). And keep in mind that nothing stops you from running IntelliJ AEM side by side with other plugins.

  2. IntelliJ AEM is installed and enabled. Why is it not working?

    Please make sure you have enabled AEM support in your project and modules. Check out Enabling AEM support in the documentation for required steps.

  3. Why are most of the actions disabled in AEM context menu?

    Most AEM projects have separate modules for content packages and OSGi bundles and IntelliJ AEM needs to distinguish between them. Content packages are expected to have a Resources root (Test Resources root does work, too) in contrast to OSGi bundles, which have a Sources Root.

  4. Why are my .config files not using the new language support?

    IntelliJ IDEA will only associate files with .config extension with the new language if you haven't associated them manually before. Open Preferences -> Editor -> File Types and check if the extension is already associated with another language.